Fun To Watch Work

“When I go to any other shop and ask them to do something, they only know one way to do it, but you know two or three different ways to do the same thing. I learn so much watching you work–you make it look so easy! I’m not taking my work anywhere else from now...


“Wow, Paula, everything looks great. I always know that I can count on you, taking care of things in the cool way that you do.”

Intuitive and Listens

“Paula Bishop exceeded my expectations when she created my skin care product labels and also branding of the company’s logo. She listens and intuitively understands the client’s point of view. She demonstrates effective communication throughout the project and...

Incredibly Good Designer

“There are two things I can say with great confidence when it comes to describing Paula: she loves chocolate and she’s an incredibly good designer. In addition to her design skills, Paula has a strong worth ethic and works well within a team. If I were ever in...


“Thumbs way up for Paula and Bishop Design. Paula designed my website and has been very helpful in teaching me how to manage some aspects of my website. YAY!”