I am testing the Social Media Auto Publish plugin by XYZ Scripts to see if it will automatically post every blog post from this webpage to my business Facebook page. Sharing blog posts automatically from a WordPress.com site is automatic, but not so simple for webpages that merely use the WordPress content management system–one has to apply to be a Developer on Facebook first, and create an app specifically to post blog articles directly to a page on Facebook–but at least it will choose which page the app can post to! It was not terribly straight forward even to use the plugin, as even after applying for the app API key, one has to then find it on Facebook (it will not lead you right to it after creating the app, but give you a lot of Javascript code to put into the body of your site, instead). While I was still on the “Quick Start” screen after creating the app, I was able to navigate to the top right of the developer.facebook.com page to find the dashboard for the app.

But if this works, it will be really useful! As it is nice to be able to have one’s webpage post directly to Facebook without having to schedule it through a service like Hootsuite.

I hope this works!


It worked! Wooot!