Pyper’s Place


Project Description

When Irene Pyper and I first met about doing a logo for her new coffee house, she invited me over to her house and showed me a sitting room crowded with odd furniture, a huge stuffed zebra (to go into the coffee house), some headless manikins, and piles of various coffee pots and tea sets. “Look around!” she said imperiously in her thick, Irish accent. “Look at the stuff in this room–it’s all going into the coffee house–and come up with a logo based on that. Whatever you do, don’t make it a cup!” But the cup idea won in the end. But she managed to work some of the other images in auxiliary ways, such as on the letterhead.

Project Details

Client Irene Pyper, Pyper’s Place
Tasks Design logo, design business card and map, design letterhead

Project Gallery

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