Middle Nolichucky Watershed Alliance

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Project Description

Middle Nolichucky Watershed Alliance was installing a stormwater wetland site to treat stormwater runoff from the Tusculum College campus before it flowed into College Creek, a tributary of the Nolichucky River, to protect the water quality of both creek and river. They were designing a walkway through the 3 “cells” (pools) of the wetland and wanted 3 signs to inform visitors about how wetlands worked and why this was beneficial, as well as point out some of the possible vegetation and wildlife they might see.

The project had been spearheaded by the late Paul E. Hayden, after whom the wetland was named, and who was commemorated in an accompanying brochure for the project, to include all of the pictures of plant and animal life we were not able to fit on the signs, as well as information on how to get involved. Since the signs were being installed at Tusculum, and they needed to also approve the designs, I studied their design specs before submitting a first proof for review. On Sign #2, I did a couple of illustrations based off of charts from Tim Ormond, the engineer for the project.

Project Details

Client Middle Nolichucky Watershed Alliance (MNWA) and Tusculum College in Tennessee
Tasks Design brochure, design informational outdoor signage for wetland installation, create illustration of wetland diagram
Website mnwa.weebly.com

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