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Project Description

Debbie Griffith contracted with Mayland Community College to come up with a Brand Manual to set a visible standard which could be used by the College to guide usage of their design in publications and online, as well as brand messages, audience, brand management, as well as creative applications of the design specifications set in the manual.

Debbie hired me to do the design, as well as come up with some of the content, specifically Typography recommendations and a Color Palette, for which I also write copy. Additionally, I needed to come up with Creative Applications using design parameters, for three types of projects: Pole Banners, Billboards, and a Continuing Education Schedule of Classes Cover. I also wrote the copy detailing usage of the logo, detailing both gradient and solid, horizontal and vertical, positive and negative (knocked out of a dark color) versions.

The examples shown below are just a sampling. For the full Brand Book with all of the Creative Applications inside as well as sections on Typography, Color, and Logo Usage, see the pdf preview below the Gallery. I created the content for pages 24 – 39 of the Brand Manual, besides doing layout of the book itself and the front cover. I created the logo variations, Brand Manual cover, pole banners, and billboards in Adobe Illustrator. I created the Continuing Ed Class Schedule cover in InDesign, using a photo I filtered in Photoshop. For the Brand Manual itself, I used InDesign using Master Pages for the section heads.

Project Details

Client Debbie Griffith
Tasks Design Brand Manual, Create Typography and Color design spec pages, Create Creative Application Samples based on guidelines set by Debbie and myself in the Brand Manual to demonstrate usage

Project Gallery

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Brand Manual embedded below as a medium resolution pdf


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